About the ‘blog

This is a Weblog about art, history, and occasionally it is about the unfortunate citizens of Albania.   It requires a strong stomach, and a will of iron, but should reward the reader with many helpful moral lessons, and tips for surviving encounters with people from the Balkans, or the western US.

This Weblog is only indirectly related to scorpions, although I might mention them now and again.  Scorpions are fascinating animals:  primitive in appearance, and displaying few outward signs of the benefits of hundreds of millions of years of evolution.  They still resemble arachnids from the dawn of life.  But, examine their venom under a powerful microscope, and separate and analyze its components and you will begin to see where the invisible hand of evolution has exercised its constant and deliberate art:  a stunningly rich cocktail of powerful toxins, extremely heavy proteins of all shapes and sizes, which disrupt and incapacitate systems in multitudinous ways across the full range of prey, competitors, enemies, and predators the scorpion might encounter.

Stay, look carefully, and think, and you will gain insight that one day might save your life.