About the author

Erik Sebastian Bovee is a permanent resident of the UK, has lived in France and Sweden, but recently spends a lot of time in California and Austria, where he often works for months on end.  He completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford in 1999 in modern languages and philosophy.  His thesis was on a little known French author named Pétrus Borel.  He has written academic articles, essays and translations.  He also wrote a black comedy about the Balkans, Gay Aliens Invade Dubrovnik, which no one cares to read.

Dr. Bovee suffers from a number of unhealthy obsessions which fuel this blog:  the hidden beauty of arachnids, wine, European travel, the Balkans, the feral citizens of the US west coast, the touchiness of the French as their civilisation fades into obscurity, and how everyone around him keeps acting like a total idiot.

Dr. Bovee studies White Crane Kung-Fu assiduously from books in the hope of one day standing atop a pile of fallen bullies.  Fans and young ladies of the opposite sex can contact him at esbovee@hotmail.com or ebovee@gmail.com.  The person who stole his Electra Amsterdam bicycle can fuck right off.